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I am wondering about the"2" following my 802.11n USB Wireless Lan Card also? Not sure why I have a "2" to begin with? I just now when I had no problem getting the Win 10 upgrade on my Win 7 32-bit computer before the hard drive crashed. I replaced it with a computer running Win7 Pro 64-bit" and am using the same wireless Lan card as before and device manger says it is using the latest drivers. I'm pretty sure the "2" was not attached to the driver in my windows 7 Home computer. Did you ever figure out if this was the problem? If so, how did you solve it? Thanks
It looks like this is a normal windows feature.

Do a web search using: what is #2 in windows device manager and you'll find links describing why this happens and ways to rename the device names if the windows generated sequence number bothers you.

I'm running win7 x64 and I have several "#2" sequence numbers in the Networks adapters section in Device Manager.