I recently upgraded my GFX card from a 680 to a 980 and am having some issues that are pointing away from being card related.

Memtest86 runs fine in round robin mode, single core mode on some cores, and restarts/freezes on multi and sequential.
Prime95 custom test, 80% memory bank used all cores runs fine with no temp issues for 4.5 hrs w/o crashing.

Some ppl are saying my NB or SB chipsets might be on their way out.

are there any testing apps that AsRock uses internally that could potentially be used by their consumer base to test the NB/SB chips?

PROC: 1100T
MOBO: 990FX Killer fatality
PSU: 850W OCZ Modular Gold+

Further light reading: GTX 980 SC :: Memory_Management : 1a : 403 BSOD