Hello to all,
I replaced mb, cpu and memory to my old PC (fully functional) with a Z97 asrock pro4, an i5 4460 and 8gb of ram HyperX fury 1866.
What I noticed is that when i first start the computer has not shown signs of life. Then, after disconnecting a USB device back (it was a hub with mouse, webcam and bluetooth dongle) th pc has started successfully (usually with a pair of 'fake start').
With the pc turned on and reconnecting the cable the usb devices have no working problems (the mouse worked in the bios), but i'm forced to start the PC with the cable disconnected, which is very uncomfortable.
The same problem occurred with a front USB device different from the previous.
I notice also that the mb will not reboot when i reboot windows, but i've to press the reset switch manually after windows shutdown or press the power button for 5 seconds to fully turn off the mb and turn on again. This happens also when i shutdown windows, the mb doesn't turn off (case fan continue to work until i press the power button for 5 seconds).
I notice also that the boot screen (that with "Press F2 to Enter bios or F11 to boot menu") seems to 'stay' for a long time (30-40 seconds) with a "A2" in the lower right corner.
According to you is an electronic problem and the MB is to be returned to vendor or is there anything I can do to fix it?
I updated the bios to the latest version (2.20), but nothing has changed.
Occasionally I find myself with the error "Disk Read Error. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot" after the operations of the boot as if he saw the ssd.
The same pc with the old MB, proc and memories all works correctly.
Thanks for the suggestions...