Hi All

i'm currently facing an issue whereby i can no longer enable dual graphics on my pc, previously it was working before i upgraded the BIOS from v1.5 to v3.0
after the upgrade of the bios, in my device manager, both of my graphic card's are down, when i click on the properties of it, it says that it couldnt find enough resource to allocate for the devices, please switch off the other device using the resources (or something like that). sorry i didnt manage to capture a screenshot, as i was trying to figure out what was the issue, from uninstalling and reinstalling all the AMD drivers.

in the BIOS the option to enable the dual graphics "Dual Graphics/Surround View" is no longer there. so i'm guessing something is messed up with the latest bios. for now i've downgraded back to bios v1.50 and i have my dual graphics running again. however i do hope someone with the same setup may have a solution for it.

AMD a8-7600
Kingston HyperX 8gb x2 (1866)
Asus R7 240 4GB
Asrock FM2A88X ITX+
Plextor 128GB M6 Pro