I have a Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 MB and just added a 2nd graphics processor (2 GTX580s) when I lost all sound output and mike input. I am running Windows 10. I installed the latest Realtek drivers from Asrock which aren't specified for windows 10. All device drivers have a "working properly" status and have events listed like "following status: 0". One odd thing I noticed was that in the Realtek HD Audio Manager, the pictures of the speakers and microphone are grayed out. The front speakers and microphone are also not working. How can this be and what can I do?

A follow up note: I removed the 2nd graphics processor (GTX580) and the problem still exists. Same as identified above. I even installed updated drivers from Realtek site updated for windows 10 in 6/2015. No effect. This is so strange, could I have bumped something on the MB that disables the onboard audio? Everytthing looks fine , even the Windows audio services are running.