I just this motherboard Extreme6 Z170 CPU with Intel i5 6600 socket1151 DDR4 corsair 32gb corsair power supply and 750 video card Palit GTX 970 ...
I often have to do with resetting the cmos why not light up the PC. I thought it was my group of Uninterrupted Power Supply Apc Pro but also when the attack to direct often does not turn on, just doing cmos bios.
It is not normal, before the other card worked great.
It makes me so: turn on the PC and when ristacco often not riaavvia more like it in protection .... from which it depends? feeder weak? Video Card?
It 'happened to someone? Bios updated to 1.80 last.
I do not but if the return depended on the motherboard?
Sorry for my English is not perfect.
Thanks so much