Hi guys
So about 2 weeks ago I finished my new build, I went for for Win 10 with DirectX12 in mind. However, my mic does not work, neither through the front or back panel. The PC detects that an audio jack has been connected, detect the mic through both panels, but the mic itself does not pick up any voice. I tried reinstalling Realtek drivers,
updated Realtek Audio to 7720 v, motherboard drivers, raising the level on Recording Devices and none worked. I'm using ASRock x99 Extreme3 Motherboard. I had the motherboard replaced as I was lead to believe there was a faulty input device, but it did not help, the problem is still there. Is there anything else that I can try?
The mic works on my laptop and any other device, it's a Steel Series Syberia v2 Headset.