I build virtual pipe organs that run on Hauptwerk (software application) and typically on Windows 7/10 64-bit platform. Hauptwerk doesn't require much to run happy (no need to overclock CPU or RAM). Hauptwerk is generally effective on quad core (64-bit) i7/i5/Xeon, 64GB RAM and 250GB SSD configuration.
I am concerned about the most effective ASRock MOBO for fast POST boot time. Thus, my question is this:
For Intel Sockets 2011-3, 1151, 1150 MOBOs, which ASRock series (Extreme, Overclocking, Gaming) and specific MOBOs should I explore for "optimal" POST time result? By "optimal", I mean a good balance between fast time and price. In other words, I am after the MOBOs that offer the best value for money, with quick POST time as a very high priority.

Since I tried an ASUS X99-A board, which won't go below 16s with all the BIOS tweakings, I suspect the 2011-3 socket mobos are out. I am looking for a POST time of 4 to 8 seconds.

I'll appreciate any help I can get from this forum.