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Thread: Does M.2 Require a newer CPU?

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    Default Does M.2 Require a newer CPU?

    Hey guys, I have a question regarding M.2 drives.

    Across several sites, I have found people stating that M.2 drives require CPU's from 2015 or later in order to achieve the advertised speeds. Seeing as how I am currently considering acquiring an M.2 drive for my build, I was wondering what your take on the matter is.

    I have done some research, and so far it just seems to be related to CPU lane limitations of the slightly earlier CPU's (16 vs 20+). Looking at my CPU information, it states that I have 16 lanes, and the available configurations look to be acceptable for my purposes (1x8, 2x4). As I have heard, my GPU and many single cards will not use more than 8 lanes to the CPU, so limiting those lanes is not a factor, and seeing as I will have 2x4 lanes left, it looks to me that I will be completely ok.

    For reference, Here is the M.2 drive I am looking at getting.

    At any rate, I would appreciate any advice any of you have on this matter, but I specifically want to make sure I am not missing anything before spending some money :P


    PS- Not sure if you can access my PC specs list from my profile yet (first time posting XD), so below is a list of the pertinents.
    ASRock Z97 Extreme6
    Intel i5 4590
    Mushkin Blackline 16GB (4x4) @ 1600MHz
    XFX Radeon HD 7790

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    Default Re: Does M.2 Require a newer CPU?

    with ssd pcie type (non sata type) cpu not a problem, it the fact you want x 4 pic e slot (m2 slot) v3.0 pci express and x4 .

    so a 950 pro samsung ssd is a no0n sata ssd.
    it need a m2 thats x4 and pci e v3.0 slot techm, wither its in a m2 or a pci e m2 card.

    it you plug it in a m2 or pcie slot that v2.0 it will run slower (max bandwith is lower)

    ie sata 3 is about 550mb/sec read
    pci x4 v3.0 is (or m2x4) is about 2500mb/sec etc.

    a v2.0 m2 slot or x2 is aabout 1500 mb/sec or so.

    cpu does not come into it, except if its does not have v3.0 pci e technology built in chip

    ie my z68 can use v3.0 1155 chip but iv got plug in a 2700k which is v2.0 pci e built in.

    if i plug my 950 on a pic e card x4, it would run at half speed with th2700k but if i upgradeed to a 1155 chip that has v3.0 pci e speed, it would go fullspeed.

    1. v3.0 pci e speed needed, (or x4 m2 slot)

    any less mean max speed will drop.

    the card has a max speed too.

    m2 sata 3 ssd max out at 550mb/sec
    x2 m2 about 1500
    x4 m2 2500 etc.. max speed

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