The LED by the voltage test points labeled CPU is on. There was no extra strain on the CPU between when it worked last and now

When I push the power button the CPU fan spins, but the chassis fans, and the fan on the VRM heatsink do not spin. There is no post, and no output displays on the screen (not black screen) no debug codes or beeps

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The last thing I did before the problem occurred was remove the RAM and re-seated it

i7 3770 (non k)
corsair dominator ddr3 1600 4x8GB
gigabyte GTX770 windforce
OCZ 750W power supply

Troubleshooting I've done:
clear cmos/backup bios/remove and replace battery
Unplugged and removed everything aside from the PSU
With only the power supply connected and nothing else (no ram) there were no debug codes or beeps (same behaviour)
Removed the CPU and examined the pins (they appeared to be undamaged)
and replaced it in the socket (same behaviour when I push power)

I've found a couple posts with a similar issue that appeared to be mostly unhelpful, but maybe you can glean something from them that I didn't

Problem booting with ASRock Z87 OC Formula