Hello, So I have recently not been able to use my PCIe slot 4, I had been able to use it before cause I always do crossfire with 2x HD 6970. I had been using them since I made my computer in like 2012. Well I took one out and then had updated the bios to the new 2.32 then when I went to put my 2nd graphics card in the PCIE slot 4. That is the port that is suppose to do 16x in crossfire when you put the first in slot 1 and the 2nd in slot 4, so I tried the card on different slot It works, then I pulled all my both cards out and put one in just the 4th slot, wont work at all, nothing gets detected fans spin on the graphics card and it works perfectly in any other slot.

I have just spent the last 3 days trouble shooting my computer I have reinstalled windows 7 64bit, then I searched online for all the new drivers to the motherboard from the companies that made the chips that you installed, for the USB SATA controllers etc... stuff like that, and still to no avail. Because of how the board was made, the only slot that would possibly be feasible for me to use in crossfire would be the 5th slot, that is the 8x slot on the board. Well since the its right next to where the PWR and stuff is I can not use it the card would make it so I could not even turn the board on. But even if I could use the 8x slot, I didn't pay over $250 dollars for this motherboard to not be able to use crossfire in PCIE 16/16 mode it has worked perfect before I had updated the BIOS, but I was wanted to update everything on the computer and make it all perfect.

So here is question. When I bought this board I had done it because there was the feature of being able to update to the ivy-bridge CPU which would change the PCIe ports from PCIe 2.0 to PCIe 3.0, If I where to buy an IVY-bridge CPU would my computer work in PCIe 3.0 Crossfire 16/16. I would really like to know that cause if updating the BIOS took the PCIe 4 slot to work with only IVY cpu, then some one please tell me now and I will just buy that i7-3770k. If that is not the case any my motherboard is just ruined then would like to know that too.

Someone just help me figure this out ASAP,