I have a small project where I am upgrading a few of our office HP Pavillions to extend their useful lives. Only the case, multi I/O front panels and drives are original. The power supplies and graphics cards had been upgraded several years ago.

Current specs are as follows:

Asrock 970M Pro 3 motherboard
AMD FX 8320E cpu
G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 2 x 4GB PC3 10666 ram
RAIJINTEK AIDOS Heatsink with 4 6mm heatpipes and 90mm fan
GELID 92mm Silent 9 case fan
Sata RAID 1
MSI Nvidia GTX graphics card
Thermaltake 600W TR2 power supply
Windows 7 Pro

I brought the first upgraded Pavillion up last Friday afternoon March 11th. The system runs very cool (~24C cpu, ~23C mb) much quieter than the original mb cpu fan combo and about as fast as some of the Asus intel I5 3570s we have. Close enough that you would need to bench mark to see a noticeable difference.

These Pavillions will be running a lot of apps, so I am about a little more than halfway done building the disk image. The last couple of nights, I was pretty sure that had shut down the PC from the Windows menu. I walked to the other side of the room to grab some more coffee, came back to my work area and the PC was back at the Windows log in screen. I did a shut down again and watched it, and it did shut down.

This morning when I turn it on, it halts at the UEFI logo menu screen. If I press F2 or Del, the screen goes black for about 2 seconds then comes back to the menu and is unresponsive to the keyboard after that. I could however still get into the RAID controller and it appears I could still do whatever I want although I did not completely verify it because I didn't particularly want to wipe the drives and loose a couple of days of work just yet.

I performed a jumper clear of CMOS and now it is completely unresponsive to the keyboard.

Anybody have any suggestions to determine if this is a defective motherboard or rule that out? Any workarounds to get into the UEFI settings or boot beyond the menu?

Thanks in advance