i just bought a ASROCk fatal1ty z170 gaming-itx/ac mini-itx mainboard because i need it as a mediaplayer PC for my TV.
As far as i can see it is actually the only one with HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 support in mini-ITX size.
The CPU used is a i5-6500T with Intel HD530 graphics.
The board itself works fine but i have a problem with

A: the standby/resume and a black display
B: the Power-LED not switching off in standby

ad A: the board arrived with BIOS 1.8 and i immediately upgraded it to 2.0 which was available when i build my PC. I was never able to resume from standby (S3) because the display keeps being black. Seems that there is no repost of VGA? I found a note in the web that 1.8 should work. I installed 1.8 and yes.... resume from standby enables the display as it should work!!! In 2.0 itīs broken and even 2.1 ist not fixing it!!!

ad B: my mainboard does not care about any settings of "good night led" (auto, enabled, disabled). It is always on when the mainboard is on or in standby. It only switches off when the mainboard is shut down.

Is there a solution for any of these problems???