I am currently using an 990FX Extreme9 with an FX-9590 processor running my ESXi 6 system.
With ESXi, it only supports CIM censor data and a customized lm_sensors. where running sensord shows:
Warning: failed to open ipmi device: No such file or dir

I would like to be able to get some temperature monitoring information on the board as the Swiftech H220 X2 water cooler I have seems to run harder
when in ESXi. When I tried to do a Prime95 test via a Windows PE disk it started at 3 degree centigrade and idled around 12 centigrade. It peaked to 51, but stayed around 42 while applying a load which are all within tolerances. If ESXi is putting a hard load on it, I would like to see what this is doing.

Is there some IPMI module or ESXi CIM extension, or some BIOS setting that would work with the 990FX Extreme9 board to get ESXi 6.0 to recognize the sensors?