Hey everyone so I purchased a h61m dgs r2.0 for a small gaming rig I've got going on with a i5 3570 (non k) but in having a problem getting the pcie lane to detect my R9 290, I've tried two R9 290s in the lane and neither of them output any signal to the monitor. Only way I can get a signal is through onboard Intel graphics. I know these two cards work because there fresh out of my main PC. Now I've flashed to the latest bios that's on the asrock website, but still no luck. Although I've noticed the none R2.0 version of the motherboard has a bios for "graphics card compatability" I was wondering if these bios's are cross compatible? Or if there are any beta/custom bios that are floating around that could fix this problem, seems it's a common problem with this board. Psu any users that have had same issue if you managed to get it working I'd really appreciate the help :)