After bios apdate on version 3.1 my OC options became locked. I had to use a hardware programmer to flash Bios version 2.1b - the last bios for my b2 revison. Now all option are unlocked, CPU OC works( not fine at all, comparing to ASUS z77 v le) but my ram works in 1333 and auto modes only. When it set to auto - it always works on 1600 mhz but when i set manual freq. 1600 it doesnt boot, lol. Changing voltages, timings, usuing xmp, using previous bios version - doesnt work at all. I suppose - the problem is in Intel ME, but i dont have any idea of solving it.
This my first ASRock experience and it is not good at all. First bios version was not able to work with my R9 380, last one was for B3 revision only(and on official site that is only one available version), most probably it comes with iME v8 uncompatible with b2 revision. now ram doest work right..
i5 2500k. p67extreme4 bios v 2.1b, Kingston HeperX Savage 2400c11.