Hi All

This is my very first post and my very first time overclocking my i5 3570k. I've managed to get my i53570k up to a stable 4.4ghz but have used 4.2ghz as the voltage and temp scores are much more favourable when I am running prime 95. volt is below 1.2v and temps are in the 65-70c range which is perfect. When I run it at 4.4, voltage goes up to 1.26v and temps up to 78-82c under prime 95.

The question that I have is, i can't go over 2000mhz with my corsair vengeance pro ram kit it's rated for 2400mhz at c10, i'm currrently at 2000 mhz cl 9-13-13-31- 1T.

Any advice on getting the ram up to a higher clock rate. I've started to read through a tonne of overclocking information but would like any guidance on overclocking my ram.

I have not updated my bios

Your help is much appreciated

Overclocking Newbie


Ps. I'm overclocking because i bought a GTX 1070 :D!

system spec

i5 3570k
Asrock z77 Extreme 6
850 Evo 500gb
16gb corsair vengeance pro DDR3
asus rog swift gtx 1070
Antec Trupower 750W