I recently just modded my 2.20 bios with the UBUTool and did some DSDT fixing to make this motherboard compliant with running Mac OS X hackintosh. These things seemed to have worked in regards to my goal. But what i'm really wondering is there a more recent bios from the other ASRock motherboards that could be compatible with this one? If not, is it possible to extract the option roms from the more updated bios updates and insert them into my own? I need to unlock the C state msr register.

In regards to DSDT, I came across a patch that was labeled as a general bios 2.20 patch. I've read across forums that asrock dsdts are not written very well. Is there anything in regards to updating this as well?

Its unfortunate that there doesnt seem to be many users with this specific board and a complete lack of support from asrock. I see these new bios files and they're all 2.30 2.40 3.XX and I get so curious as to if there are any capabilities that could be unlocked for my motherboard. I even saw that some asrock boards can load two bios. I would love to possibly get the ozmosis bios loaded on here as well.

If anyone has any idea about anything regarding what I mentioned, PLLEEAAASSEE tell me.