I recently ran into an issue with the onboard raid controller for this board. I currently have 2 3tb harddrives in Raid1 setup using the Asrock online manual for A88x chipsets. This was 6 moths ago. Yesterday my wife was using the computer and she ceased to be able to access the E drive (which is the Raid1 array). I went into disk management to see if the drive was still there and what I found was two drives in the place of one. I got a message saying that the one of the disks needed to be mounted (which I did not do).

I restarted and went into Bios. Both drives are seen in BIOS, and both are reporting the correct size. But I can NOT access the drives. I've tried going back through the steps to access the raid setup from boot up with no luck and I can't seem to get RAIDXpert to get past the login screen. I haven't pulled the drives yet, but I do have 2 new drives on the way.

I've done a bit of digging and can't seem to find a way to access the raid setup besides the initial way (which isn't working). How can I go about rebuilding this array? Or am I just plane screwed?

Asrock FM2A88X-Itx
2x8gb 2133 DDR3
1x 128gb OS SSD
2x 3tb HDD in RAID1 (this is the array that failed)
2x 3tb HDD in Windows Dynamic Mirror mode (these drives are a transplant from another system)
Windows 10 Anniversary Pro 64bit

Thanks for any help!!