Hello gentle people.
I'm a new member to this forum, because i was search about the 4Core1600P35 situations with DDR3 simms, and the search lead me to here.
The board works all this years with DDR2 simms, and now i was start the transfer of the DDR2 memory to an older mobo (Dual775-VSTA) and install a new set of 2 DDR3 1600 4Gb simms of Kingstone Brand. The memory arrangement is 8X512Mb, single side, which i've read in some posts at the web, that this mobo can accept it. As far i read P35 datasheet from Intel, this north bridge accept 8Gb dual channel of DDR3 or DDR2 memory type.
If we read the mobo manual we get the information of a maximum address of 16Gb in DDR2 and 4Gb in DDR3. Comparing it to the P35 datasheet, seems wrong.
The DDR3 memory i get are 2 simms of Kingstone KTH9600CS/4G, a low profile simm for desktop machines. It seems similar to KVR1333D3N9_4GKC, which works on a P35 AsRock mobo with similar memory bank arrangement. The problem is the mobo wich don't even POST. I can only POST with DDR2.
Please, i ask for your assistance to know if there is any jumper configuration and/or BIOS revision, even in Beta stage, that can overcome this issue; or it's just the DIMM topology that is incompatible.

Thanks in advance, and i'm looking for your opinion.