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Thread: X99X Fatal1ty Killer / 3.1 + 5820k Overclock HELP!!!

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    Default X99X Fatal1ty Killer / 3.1 + 5820k Overclock HELP!!!

    Hi guys,

    I just assembled a new rig as follow:

    X99X Fatal1ty Killer / 3.1
    16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws 4 - 3200 Mhz
    Samsung 950 PRO 512 Gb

    OS: Windows 10 PRO 64

    I'm totally new to X99 boards and Intel -E cpus.

    I just tried to play a little with bios OC settings but I'm not sure at all about the meaning/effect of some of them.

    For ex. the System Agent is only mentioned as "Offset" setting while many MB (if not the large majority) simply allow the user choose the voltage freely. Also it seems to me that the bios do not display anywhere the System Agent actual (or starting)voltage.

    To begin with, I followed a suggestion found on the net: set the cpu multiplier to 45 and the vcore to 1.300 keeping all the other settings on auto. This way one can find out if his cpu is good or at least not bad with OC.

    Mine was able to boot and to load Windows. Some quick bench & stesstests (not hours) seemed to confirm that the system was stable.

    So, out of curiosity, I lowered the Vcore to 1.250: although I got in Windows and was able to do simple tasks (like running some programs, internet surfing, mail, etc.) the system was not fully stable under tests.

    It was also able to load Windows @4600 Mhz, same vcore.....of course even less stable.

    Then I tried to stabilize at least the 4500Mhz frequency, manipulating lot of settings (I got some info about them on the net) without any appreciable result.

    Here the settings that I manipulated in my attempts:

    Windows works in "performance mode"

    I left the ram to 2133 mhz, all settings on "auto"

    BCLK Freq: left on "auto" , manually set to 100 (just to be sure)
    - Intel SpeedStep: basically always disabled. (I tried once, just to check every possibility, to keep it enabled....without any positive effect)
    - Long Duration Power Limit, Short DPL, Primary Plane Current Limit: tried both on "auto" and set 1000 for the tree of them ---> no apparent difference
    - Long Duration Mantained & CPUTJMax: always on "auto"
    - BCLK Spread Spectrum: I tried both enabled & disabled....does not seems to have much impact over stability
    - Filter PLL Freq: I tried "auto" & high but it does not have either positive or negative effect it seems....or at least I'm not able to evaluate it, same as BCLK Spectrum
    - System Agent Offset: basically Always on "auto". I tried a couple of time to set low values like 0.100/0.200 (range is 0.100-0.600) resulting in immediate system crash.
    - CPU Integrated VR Faults & CPU Integrated VR Efficiency: almost always disabled. Sometimes set on "auto"
    - CPU Input voltage: left on "auto", tried 1.900 & 1.950 ---> maybe a little better stability but nothing to talk about
    - CPU LLC: left on "auto", manually tried 1&3 without any visible benefits
    - CPU C State Support: almost always disabled. Tried once with diffecence (apparently)
    - CPU Cache ratio ---> I left it on "auto", set it manually to 44, 42, 40, I also tried 38 - NO ADAPTIVE seems to be ok only on "auto" that set it to 30x (definitely too low for 4500mhz CPU freq, I think)
    - CPU Cache voltage ---> left on auto, manually to: 1.200, 1.225 - NO ADAPTIVE too, anything but "auto" seems to worsening the stability
    - CPU Vcore: I tried to rise a little bit (to 1.275) - NO ADAPTIVE, but still unstable under tests
    - DRAM Voltage, Activating Power Supply, PCH PLL Voltage, CPU I/O voltage, ME Voltage, PCH Voltage ----> all of them always on "auto"

    Here my hopes, for which I need your help:

    1) I'd like to manage to stabilize the 4.500 mhz freq @ 1.250 Vcore if possible, because I feel that it can be done somehow (i.e. an OC expert could do it, probably).

    2) I would like to know better which settings are really relevant and how to manage them in order to achieve the best freq @ the lowest Vcore possible.

    3) I would like to know if I need to manually set some of the setting that I left Always on "auto" (like PCH PLL, CPU I/O voltages,etc. - see above)

    Finally, I'd like to know if I need to enable some "obscure" settings like Filter PLL Freq, CPU LCC, BCLK Spread Spectrum and under what conditions (ex. over xxx mhz cpu freq or over zzz vcore/cache voltage)

    The main problem * seems * to be stabilize the cache @ freq higher than nominal: I failed to do it and can be the very cause of the system instability.

    Thanks in advance for any help, tip, suggestion!!! :-)
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