Good time of the day!
Please forgive me for my BAD english - its not my native languague(

A few time ago i wanted to renew my comp and bought Asus ROG Strix RX480-8G istead of Sappire 6950. When i put in onto my system i saw black screen. Dr.CMOS shows error b2(62). I put my old GK back and system started! Then i go to BIOS, its version 2.20 and changed parameter PCI ROM Priority to EFI Compatible ROM. Restarted system. With 6950 it works perfectly. Then i put my new GK and saw black screen again((( But Dr.CMOS show another error - 97.

At next day i go to my brother, he has same mobo, but its BIOS version is 2.10. And on that mobo i had same problem

After all that i found, that my frien has Asrock P67 pro. At BIOS 2.20 my GK didnt work, but we found at Asrock websit beta bios 2.25B, flash it and my Asus RX480 starded to work!!!! Its a miracle!

So... i want new bios))) I want to ask ASRock TSD-Michaelcan u modify P67 Pro BIOS to my mobo? Its almost identical! Or what should i do?