I have the Silverstone AR06 in another build (H97M-ITX/ac) and it works great. But, I have the Z77E-ITX motherboard I want to use along with an i5-2500k. It looks like the AR06 will either block one of the RAM slots or the PCI-e slot.

My options are use my extra Silverstone AR06 and block one RAM slot (use an 8gb stick) or get another Cooler.

What are the best cooler options that will leave both RAM slots and the PCI-e free? (Besides the loud stock fan).
Is running a 8gb single stick a big deal if it's mostly going to be a HTPC? I'll probably use the PCI-e slot for an HD tuner.

Also, It's going into a Lian Li PC-Q07 case that has max 70mm clearance.