Hi,I just upgraded my asus P6 board memory and processor to the ASRock motherboard (first time user of ASRock) When booting the system, it hangs on the splash screen and won't even get me to the bios. The SSD has Win 10 64 bit on it and boot my other computer in my office fine.

The other computer in my office has aSanDisk Sata II ssd (Windows 7 64 bit) and I tried it on the ASRock motherboard. It gets to the windows splash screen and then loops to that point perpetually.

The Winows 10 SSD is a PNY cs1311 (approved by ASRock) Things that I have tried:

  • Jumper resetting the bios
  • Unplugging everything but the keyboard, mouse, SSD and monitor
  • Using a PCIe slot
  • Using the onboard video
  • Swapping memory configs
  • Swapping SATA ports
  • Changing cables

I could sure use some help.