Hi, I've been having various power issues and a number of small annoyances happening with my machine and this motherboard. I've flashed to the latest bios/uefi on the website which is P2.50. Windows reports most of the info as TO BE FILLED BY OEM and some suggest my UEFI is corrupt. I've reset the UEFI defaults several times and pulled out the CMOS battery and let it sit overnight. Without getting into various other issues I'm experiencing, I was wondering if there are beta updates for this chipset I'm missing? Is it vulnerable to the Intel ME firmware exploit? Scanning the Firmware image on Virustotal doesn't yield very awesome results :(
(Particularly if you scroll down to the section: "ROM BIOS contained files.") Several infections there.

Here's image where I marked the peculiar section.

Anyone else with z97 machines experiencing UEFI/Power issues? USB or Certificate problems?