Ok, pretty new to everything here, this is the first time I've even looked directly at a motherboard much less thought about plugging things into it that the factory didn't already. So, with that caveat:

I'm messing around with video editing at home. I bought a tower with the ASRock mobo referenced above. My issue is that it came with an itsy-bitsy 128GB SSD as the c: drive. It does have a 2TB HDD however for storage.

My understanding about video editing is that you want the video files and whatever 'optimized media' your chosen video editing software creates to be on the fastest storage drive in order to get the smoothest editing experience. i.e. realtime playback while editing, etc.

I really only have the OS and as few apps/program installed to the c: drive SSD as possible. Thus far I've been putting the few video files and clips onto the c: drive while editing and then moving everything off onto the HDD for storage when done. However, I am finding I only have ~32GB left of free space on the SSD and I'm starting to edit larger projects with more footage/larger files.

I thus went looking for upgrade options. The current c: SSD is, as far as I can tell, plugged into a SATA 3.0 x 1 (I think?) port. There exists on this mobo 3-4 more of these, one more PCIe x 16 (my understanding is for a second GPU?), and then this "Ultra M.2" port that boasts 32 Gb/s speeds. I would really just like to have more storage space that accessible at high enough speeds (read/write?) to use for the video files I'm currently editing. I'm not going to transfer the OS over to it or boot to it....unless I have to?

Looking into M.2 SSDs online (since I think this is going to be the best way to do it?) leads to more questions for me. Will any old M.2 SSD work in this "Ultra M.2" port? What is NVMe and will my mobo or computer be able to utilize an M.2 SSD with this...what, architecture? configuration? There's some mention elsewhere that using this "Ultra M.2" slot takes away lanes from the GPU, will this effect video editing in any way?

Gah! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

-- Jake