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Thread: z370 extreme4 won't boot from SATA0 with RAID enabled

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    Default z370 extreme4 won't boot from SATA0 with RAID enabled

    I upgraded my motherboard from a z77 extreme4 to a z370 extreme4 with an i5-8600k, 16 GB RAM. I have a boot drive, a backup drive and 2 additional for a RAID0. On initial setup I plugged only my boot drive into SATA0, as instructed in the manual. Set up the UEFI for everything, set the SATA controller to AHCI (because that is what I had it set on for the previous motherboard) and it boots fine. I install drivers, everything is going smoothly, so I shut down and plug in my two RAID drives into SATA2 and SATA3 (which is what they were plugged into on the previous board), turn on RAID, it detects the RAID0 instantly. So I reboot.
    This is where it gets weird. I get a warning that I have a non-system disk, so I go to the UEFI to double check my boot drive order, and while all my drives are detected correctly, SATA0 and SATA1 are not listed in the boot drive options. So thinking the RAID maybe only works on the SATA_A channels (I've run into this issue before), I plug the RAID into A1 and A2. Still not able to select SATA0 for booting, however my two RAID0 drives now are. So I swap the RAID0 to SATA0 and SATA1, put the boot drive in SATA_A1, and it is now visible in the boot options. System boots fine, RAID0 is intact.
    To double check, I unplug the RAID0 and plug the boot drive into SATA0, and I can't select it from the boot setup. I turn off RAID, and poof, SATA0 is now selectable for boot. So why can't I boot from SATA0 with RAID enabled? Thanks for any ideas.
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