Hello everybody,
I've just tried to install my brand new RX 580 8GB on my Asrock P67 Pro, the led lightens but the monitor doesn't register any signal but the card LEDs lighten up. I've even bought a new HDMI cable for it so it can't be that.
So now I've been wondering if my Asrock P67 Pro Bios (1.60) is compatible with this GPU, my old HD5870 runs just fine without any problem.
I've seen that there is a beta bios update (2.25b) that extends GPU compatibility, which could be it, but I'm afraid to upgrade it because I've heard it causes troubles with Sandy Bridge CPUs, and I have an i5 2500k.
One last question, how do I go about updating the BIOS? I've never done it, can I just update with the latest version or should I update it one by one? Thanks.