I have the Asrock Z370 Fatality K6 Gaming with the latest BIOS 1.40 and i have put on it an 8700K.

I have 2 issues - questions.

1) Turbo Frequency

When i run Cinebench Single Core or Prime95 1 Thread, i never see 4.7GHz Turbo. I see up to 4.6Ghz.
I do not know if this is normal. My Cinebench Score is similar to Guru3D .
Single Core: 196
Multi: 1407 - 1414
When i run single i see the Load is spreading to other cores.
(With the previous BIOSes i only see Turbo up to 4.3GHz, at Single core Cinebench the score was 161!

2) Voltage - Temperatures - BIOS Settings

This is the weird important issue.

When i have the following Settings with Load Optimized CPU OC Setting to Disabled, i have very High Temperatures. Prime95 Small FFTs 85C!
If i choose the 4.7GHz Profile, temperatures are very good up to 70-73C.

My Settings:

Today i see my PC Freezed 2 times with the Load Optimized CPU Setting Enable to 4.7GHz. With the previous BIOSes i didn't have this issue but i had Turbo as i said up to 4.3GHz.
So i changed the BIOS settings as you can see above. I set BCLK Frequency to 100MHz manual, cause the value was 103.1 or someting...

When i run Cinebench the Voltages and temperatures are:
(If i make 3-4 runs, the temps will be higher.)

Is something wrong with the motherboard settings to Auto or something?

Thank you!