I change MSI SLI PLUS Z370 to Extrem4, and i see many problems down here.

I have BIOS 1.8 Last One on webside.

1. DDR IS/SA - BUG - allredy know this topis
2. Corsair LPX 2x8GB 3600MHz CL18 B-Die - one chip dont start, ok i can buy new one.. But im not happy from that.
3. No Adaptive Vcore CPU- ok i can fight with offset.

4. And at last VCORE! And Watage Consumption! 8700K for start, using Prime95 V29.4 Small FTT

Extreme4 - STOCK! 8700K 1,184V 4300MHz = 180-190WAT! IT IS INSANE!! This CPU have only 95W TDP!

MSI SLI PLUS - 8700K 1,32V 4700MHz = 180Wat!
Asrock Extreme4 - 8700K 1.20V 4700MHz = 220-230Wat!

Watage was readed from HwInfo and CoreTemp.

Also i check Watage on in wall.
Wattmeter show 100Wat in IDLE -> and grow up to 280Wat Prime95. (8700K 1.20V 4700MHz)

So its is growing up by 180Wats. In programs i have 15-20wats on CPU and 220-230wats in Prime95
So programs dont show ideal Wats, but it is quiet OK

And again lets back to my CPU. My 8700K wasnt stable even with 1,32V @4700Mhz. On Extreme4 its OK witch 1,20V. I still didnt check how low i can go with Vcore, but for now it is minimum -0,12V.

PLS TELL ME, what is going on here ??
This is my last AsRock Motherboard? Im statring this Topic on most popular Forum in Poland - PcLab.pl.
So U can trust my, im not only one, who will know all that BUGs.

Asrock Extreme4 Z370 - Vcore BUG - 8700K - Album on Imgur