Hello there,

I'm looking for some informations over there and I haven't found.

I'm re-building an old desktop to give it to a friend with my old stuff and I'm interrogating myself about fans !

Here's the stuff :
Motherboard : AsRock B75 Pro3
Fans : 1*Noctua NF-A14 140mm
       4*Artic F12 120mm
The motherboard have the following fans connectors :
3*Pin PWR_FAN1
4*Pin CHA_FAN1
3*Pin CHA_FAN2
All of my 5 fans are 4*Pin. So, I'm wondering about how to connect them to the motherboard. How many fans can I plug in the CHA_FAN1 ? Do I have to use an adaptator to plug them on the 3*Pin connectors ?