I have a huge thread on sysopt about my two Mainboards(have also copies of them) dying both at the same time: GA-7N400 Pro 2 and ASROCK Alive Dual eSata2.
it could be that bad capacitors were used or they are dying from age.
1. i could reactivate both MOBOs. GA will start properly again even if PSU is shut down, cable stays connected.
But on Asrock i must keep PSU-button in On-position otherwise CMOS-settings are lost. aka capacitors will not be charged.
on GA-board its seem i could from again the capacitors.
When i have more time i will setup a second Asrock-MOBO with all capacitors replaced.
Where to get HQ-capacitorys?
New PSU-PC not starting. CPU-power-adapter
Its a long complicated story lasting at least 5 weeks or more.
PCs are outside cases. causing multiple problems over the years.
New PSU-PC not starting. CPU-power-adapter
look how much people where viewing. check also the link i have set some days ago. about bad capacitor problems.