I am having issues with my Ryzen 2700x build.

I first bought an ASUS x470 gaming pro board and I assembled everything into the case and went to fire it up and nothing...no post...lights but no post. So after changing out the GPU and trying both sticks of ram in every slot. I assumed the board was DOA so I returned it and bought a X470 taichi.

This time I tested the board before installing it into the case, I plugged in my GPU and ram and fired it up, I did not have a keyboard plugged in though, and it posted, I was excited and installed everything into the case, plugged the wireless keyboard receiver in and turned it on, it displayed the ASROCK page that had the options for F2 for bios etc but it never went past this screen. I turned the computer off and tried again, the same thing, just forever stuck on the asrock banner. I turned it off and unplugged the receiver and turned the computer back on, it posted, so I plugged the keyboard in and was able to navigate around the bios. I plugged in my SSD and usb loaded with win 10 and restarted the computer. Once again, it was stuck at the asrock page....at this point I figured maybe try and update the bios.

However, every time I had anything plugged into a USB port it wouldn't go past the asrock page. I unplugged everything from the computer except GPU, RAM, and CPU and the computer stopped posting. I tried switching the ram sticks around and trying 1 stick at a time and it wouldn't post. I just kept getting error code 0d over and over.

I tried clearing the cmos, removing the battery, and nothing just keep getting the 0d error.

I tried another GPU as well, still nothing. I ordered a different stick of RAM that will be delivered today so I can rule out ram error.

AMD Ryzen 2700x
G.skill Flare x 3200 16GB 8gb x2 (amd optimized)
MSI duke 1080 ti
Corsair RM850x