Recently, after using the Polychrome RGB software, I started having issues with the motherboard's RGB LEDS (x470 Taichi).

There are three RGB sections on the MoBo. My issue is with the top left one near the VRMs.

For some reason, the blue color in the LEDS barely works anymore. Any color combination that includes blue will be off, and if I put the LEDS to 100% blue they barely light at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this? Any chance it is software related and I won't have to RMA the board?

So far I tried installing the latest version of Polychrome but it didn't resolve the issue.

My recent hardware changes include:

- New fans and new fan hub plugged in the addressable RGB header.

- New PSU (went from 650w to 850w, same model both EVGA G3)