I need help trying to get my AM1H-ITX to turn on. I have no fan nor any lights or indication that its working. I have verified that the 19V laptop supply works and can measure +12 and +5 on the mobo. I have verified that the case switch does ohm to zero when pressed. I have replaced the battery, the old one measured 2.3 V and the new one is a healthy 3.2 V. I've tried resetting the CMOS RAM by shorting the reset jumper with the power supply removed. Also with the power supply plugged in. I have also added a jumper to the case closed terminals in case it defaults to enabling that.

I see no components that appear to be burned out. Have not connected a speaker yet, will do so next. Have reseated the RAM. Also have unplugged all I/O, Drives, and USB devices in case any of them were causing an issue.

New to forum. It would bave nice if it would remember me and not require reCaptcha over and over.

All help is greatly appreciated. Loved the board while it was working over the past four years...