I have a Extreme4 mb with a I7-7800x cpu (cooled by a Corsair h100i v2 with 4 fans in push-pull), and 16Gig of Trident Z RGB 3200 ddr4. I set the multiplier to 45x and vcore tp 1.120 in the UEFI and boot into windows 10 and run AIDA64 while watching cpu-z and corsair link 4 (for temp values). Aida64 and Windows performance monitor report 100% cpu usage, while cpuz reports that the cpu is clocked at 39x instead of 45x and temps remain in the 50s-60s C. Occasionally the clock will up to 45x but it keeps going back to 39x or lower. Aida64 does not report any cpu throttling. Anyone have any suggestions??

Also, is there a comprehensive X299 OC guide anywhere on the net that isn't a generic flow chart or overly sparse and vague? I'd like to try and get my $ worth out of this rig, and if OC is the only way to do it, then so be it.... Right now I'm about to throw the entire x299 platform out the window and start over... but the $$$ would find me in the dog house big time, so any help oc'ing this to useable levels would be appreciated.