I'm having problems with Thunderbolt 3 AIC.

- Sometimes the screen goes black, 1 to 3 seconds then the display comes back, as if it was disconnected.
- At first boot (when the machine is off) the Thunderbolt card detects nothing connected, I have to disconnect the Thunderbolt cable from my screen then reconnect it and restart.

Detail of my configuration:

- AsRock Z390 Taichi (Bios: P1.90)
- Intel Core i9-9900K
- Kingston HyperX Predator (2x, 16GB, DDR4-3600, DIM
- ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2070 Mini
- Samsung 970 EVO (1000GB, M.2 2280)
- AsRock Thunderbolt 3 AIC
- LG Ultrafine 5k

And other forum post:

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Thank you for your help.