This last week i built three identical builds.

  • Threadripper 2990WX
  • ASRock X399 Taichi sTR4 : 3.30 Bios
  • G.SKILL Trident Z RGB (For AMD) 32GB F4-3200C14Q-32GTZRX: 3200 14-14-14-34 XMP
  • EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2
  • Dual Nvidia Quadro P1000s in PCIe slots 1 and 4 (the 2 x16 slots)

The odd issue is that every time I boot any of the three machines after they've lost access to power it takes three tries.
1st: lights come on, fans spin up, then it cuts off after just a few seconds
2nd: everything comes up, Dr Debug starts cycling through it's thing, then everything cuts off after maybe 15 seconds
3rd: boots properly
This only happens after a fully cold boot where the machines has been unplugged or the psu switch has been flipped off. The machines all boot normally after this first little dance. This happens whether the ram is at 2133 "stock" or under the XMP profile at 3200.
BIOS Settings:

  • CPU at stock frequency and voltages
  • SMT disabled
  • Precision Boost Overdrive disabled
  • SVM Mode disabled
  • IOMMU disabled
  • All other settings default

I get the same behavior regardless of these settings, these are just the current ones.