I'm not able to POST when PCI Express NIC card (1 ethernet port Startech card based on Intel 210 chipset) is plugged: no fan, no video, nothing.

What I already did to understand the root cause :

- I already cleared CMOS several times, but still having the problem
- I tried to umount/mount again my motherboard and CPU, but still having the problem
- I tested the PCI Express NIC card on another PC, and it works well
- I tested a PCI Express video card in the PCIE slot, and it works well
- I don't think it is coming from ATX alimentation as I measure 35W of consumption whereas the alimentation can provide 360W and the card is announced to consume less than 1W

I start to ask myself if the motherboard can support PCIE cards that are not graphic cards. Any thoughts on this ?

Also, I saw this : Yannick's Tech Blog: Modding a Dell Perc 6 / Dell H310 / Dell H710 (other LSI 1078 or 9223-8i based) SAS Raidcontroller
But I don't think this is the problem as people don't report impossibility to POST in such a case (but more incorrect memory reported for example)

Any help from you guys strongly appreciated !