I have the title's mainboard and an AMD Fx 4300 cpu which is overclocked. So I want to monitor the temperatures in linux, but I cannot understand which temp correspond to what and I haven't found any info about the sensors of this mainboard. I also have some temps which don't seem to be right. Here is the output of sensors:
HTML Code:
Adapter: PCI adapter
temp1:        +14.9C  (high = +70.0C)

Adapter: PCI adapter
vddgfx:       +0.90 V  
fan1:        1503 RPM
temp1:        +43.0C  (crit = +94.0C, hyst = -273.1C)
power1:       37.22 W  (cap = 120.00 W)

Adapter: PCI adapter
power1:        9.24 W  (crit =  95.06 W)

Adapter: ISA adapter
Vcore:          +0.94 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +1.74 V)
in1:            +1.84 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +0.00 V)  ALARM
AVCC:           +3.38 V  (min =  +2.98 V, max =  +3.63 V)
+3.3V:          +3.38 V  (min =  +2.98 V, max =  +3.63 V)
in4:            +0.06 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +0.00 V)  ALARM
in5:            +1.71 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +0.00 V)  ALARM
in6:            +0.06 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +0.00 V)  ALARM
3VSB:           +3.47 V  (min =  +2.98 V, max =  +3.63 V)
Vbat:           +3.39 V  (min =  +2.70 V, max =  +3.63 V)
fan1:          1415 RPM  (min =    0 RPM)
fan2:          1525 RPM  (min =    0 RPM)
fan3:          1776 RPM  (min =    0 RPM)
SYSTIN:         +38.0C  (high =  +0.0C, hyst =  +0.0C)  ALARM  sensor = thermistor
CPUTIN:         +34.5C  (high = +80.0C, hyst = +75.0C)  sensor = thermistor
AUXTIN:        +127.5C  (high = +101.0C, hyst = +101.0C)  ALARM  sensor = thermistor
PCH_CHIP_TEMP:   +0.0C  
PCH_CPU_TEMP:    +0.0C  
PCH_MCH_TEMP:    +0.0C  
intrusion0:    ALARM
intrusion1:    ALARM
beep_enable:   disabled
I found that this supposed to be cpu's temp, but it's 7-16C which is impossible when the room' s temperature is 22C. This temp goes to 34-45C when play a game like Rise of the tomb raider(cpu load is 70-80%). I found that this cpu has a sensor and monitors a "thermal margin" from the max temperature which is 70C. In windows using AMD OVERRIDE for monitoring this thermal margin is 60-64C in idle cpu and goes to 27-22C when cpu is in full load. But in linux the above temp seems that doesn't behave the same, so I cannot understand what is monitor.
There also there is AUXTIN temp which has 128C with high=101C, which is also weird. This temp drops to 60-80 when play the game and cpu load is 60-80%.
The SYSTIN and CPUTIN seems to be ok, but I'm not sure what they monitor. I think that CPUTIN is mainboard's sensor for cpu, but systin I don't know. Also the high value for systin is 0 which seems that is wrong.
And all the other items I don't know what represent and if need corrections, except fans which seems to be right.
So which of the items correspond to mainboard's temp sensors and which are the correct max/min values for them?
And also is there any sensor for VRM? How to monitor its temperature?