Hi, having some weird issues with my Asrock Z170 Extreme7+.

Iíve had this motherboard for over 18 months, and I am running FreeNAS as the host OS.
The current setup is i7 (unsure of exact chipset), 64GB ram, 6x6tb WD, 2 x 120GB SSDís.
The RAM Iím using is the VENGEANCEģ LPX 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz.

This system has been stable as a rock until 3 days ago.

Recently after performing a baseos update, the system failed at POST. The error codes on the LED showed a code error 35.
Iíve gone through and re-seated the CPU, memory sticks, and reset the CMOS to no avail.

Other troubleshooting steps I have done is to place an i5 chipset into the MB with same ram and different RAM. Reset CMOS again etc. Once I have the different CPU in the motherboard, I now get error 19, around 10 seconds after it starts, the system reboots again and this continues in a loop.
Iím curious to see what the exact problem here could be, Iím tempted to think itís the MB as that seems the likely culprit (especially with different error codes on CPU and RAM)

Does anyone have any insight to see any other troubleshooting I could do, or should I just go out and buy a new

Thanks in advance.