Dear Community,
greetings from Milan, Italy [:)] .
I need your support for a current issue (or strange behaviour) I am currently facing with my X99 Extreme 4 motherboard.

Workstation is Xeon processor, DDR4 ECC RAM and 1x Quadro GPU + 1x Tesla GPU.
Power supply is 1kW Corsair and I have RAID1 HDD (2x 1TB).

The workstation has been working perfectly for many months and I was used to see the ASRock logo at boot-up, especially the "press F2 or F8" text (in order to access BIOS).

I had then to enable 4G decoding within BIOS parameters in order to enable my Tesla GPU card. The computer is still working perfectly (Win10 is loading properly) BUT I don't see ASROCK logo at bootup any more. No "Press F2 or F8" text so I have now no means to access the BIOS, even if I press F2 or other keys wtihout notice. This is important for me not only for configuration purposes but also for FAN speed.

1) how can I access the BIOS again ?
2) If I reset the motherboard (CMOS CLR), will I loose the RAID1 configuration and data within ?
3) If I use the backup bios to recover the operational one (by moving the jumpers), will I loose the RAID1 configuration and data within ?

Your support will be highly appreciated.

Cheers !