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Thread: ASRock x570 Taichi and 3900x Feezing and Crashing

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    Default ASRock x570 Taichi and 3900x Feezing and Crashing

    Hey all, new to this forum and first time ASRock mobo purchaser. I recently built a new PC with the below specs:

    CPU: Ryzen 3900x (w/ wraith cooler)
    Mobo: Asrock X570 Taichi
    RAM: XPG D60 DDR4 3600mhz (AX4U360038G17-DT60 that reads as Samsung die)
    PSU: Tried OCZ GSX700 and Corsair RM 850x
    GPU: GTX 1060 6GB and RTX 2080ti (both tested in all configurations)

    Ive tried multiple attempts to get the RAM at rated speed of 3600MHZ using the XMP profile and it just loops until it resets. Currently its running 1333mhz so 2666 and I was able to crawl it up to 3533 (with piss poor timings at a 3:53 ratio but noticed more freezing). I have the 3900x running at stock with no adjustments made to it in the BIOS because ANY change I make I'll either get a D7 error D2 or boot looping until it rolls back those BIOS settings. The x570 was just updated to the new BIOS from 1.6 (new BIOS is 2.1 I believe). Both BIOS versions wont allow RAM to post at rated speeds but most concerning to me is the recent hard freezes that I have been having. I thought it was due to the PSU so I went and got a new one and stuck the RM 850x in, same thing. These hard freezes were happening with RAM at stock of 2666mhz in single channel, dual channel and dual channel at 3533. I tried another set of RAM thats 3000mhz A-Data and that froze as well.

    So of my 2 problems with the RAM not booting to even close to the right speeds and the freezing I'm starting to lean towards my mobo needing an RMA.

    What I have tried for the RAM:
    -booting ram in slot A1+A2 (worked)
    -Booting ram in slot A1+B1 (worked)
    -Booting ram in slot A2+B2 (worked)
    -Booting with 1 stick of ram in each slot which worked about 80% of the time with multiple reboots before hitting windows.
    -Booting into XMP (didnt work on either profile 1 or 2)
    -Manually setting speed of 3600mhz (didnt work at 1.2v,1.35,1.38v,1.41v)
    -Ran Memtest86+ and it passed 4 passes with 0 errors in dual and single channel 2x8 configuration
    -Ran Memtrest86+ and it passed 4 passes with 0 errors each stick individually

    In doing all this I have gotten D2, D7, boot loops and BSODs. when I back my RAM off to 3200mhz-ish and automatic timings I get more stability but have still had freezing with that.

    What I have tried for the freezing:
    -Installing new PSU (older 700 watt to brand new 850 watt)...still get freezing
    -reinstalling Nvidia graphics drivers with DDU (didnt work)
    -Swapped 2080ti for GTX 1060
    -Swapped CPUs

    My CPU temps are never above 68, my 2080ti stays around 70 which I know is hot but its a blower design (I didnt buy it). System freezes with 1060 in as well.

    Voltages are boosting to around 1.48 peak but drop back down to .99x on the cores.

    Any other info needed to get a better picture? I really am confused as to what it could be aside from an return issue but I really want to think its something or some BIOS settings I'm doing wrong before having to do that.

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    Default Re: ASRock x570 Taichi and 3900x Feezing and Crashing

    We have same board/cpu for a work rig and having same issues. We've tried 3 dif ram kits (one is even on the QVL i.e. CMW32GX4M2C3200C16, another is a corsair 4x8gb 3600mhz kit that is bdie, another is corsair, etc). CPU isn't and hasn't been OC'd other than stock AMD boosts.

    Using HX850, Nvidia 1070, 1TB NVMe, 240MM Deepcool aio cooler.

    Temps are quite cool, we've tried ram timings/speeds/voltage all over from 2133 to 3600mhz, tried incredibly slow timings, hard setting the FCLCK to 2:1 ratio (i.e. if ram is 3000mhz we've set infinity to 1500mhz). At best it crashes "less" but still not 100% stable. In fact when we first got this board in July before we did any bios updates it was almost rock solid and as each bios update has came out it has gotten progressively less stable. We're running current 2.1.0 bios too.

    We've ran sfc /scannow and no issues. I've heard of random nvidia possible issues and tried swapping GPU to other pcie lane, updated all drivers including chipset/video/etc.

    Kind've at a loss as well, I just made a ticket with ASRock to see what they suggest from here.

    Depending on settings Prime95 will make it crash in <30 sec or <5min depending on settings.

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