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Thread: Win10 network drive access problem - slow and unable to view

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    Default Win10 network drive access problem - slow and unable to view

    I've got a strange issue that only affects my ASRock Z370M-ITX/ac motherboard and hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.
    I use this machine as the Plex server front end and it also runs a VM for UNMS.

    I am unable to connect to my NAS (Synology 1515+) via Windows File Explorer and browse/access contents of a shared folder.
    All other computers can access the NAS with no issues and even with the same credentials.
    From this machine, I can access a shared folder on other computers and the network items all appear under the network section of the File Explorer.
    (it's just unable to access the contents of this one folder)

    So it's something specific to this network controller and/or Windows configuration with this NAS.
    I was able to get it to work fine once by downgrading the network driver - then when it stopped - i upgraded the driver - and functionality resumed.
    Now it's not working and the driver upgrade/downgrade has no effect.
    I've checked Jumbo Frames on the NIC and switch and setting either has no effect.

    The motherboard has 2 onboard NICs and I've tried disabling one and only using the other (and vice versa) - no change.

    It's running Win 10 x64 Pro Build 18362.418 - and my last step will be to wipe and start over from scratch - but hoping someone here might have another thought on what to check or try.

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    Default Re: Win10 network drive access problem - slow and unable to view

    Well - right before I was about to wipe and restart from scratch - I went back through the network settings on adapter, switch, and NAS.
    Disabled IPv6, reinstalled drivers, used a different onboard NIC, moved the files to a different folder, and tested that connection (all the stuff that posts on the Interwebs say that worked).
    Turns out - the Plex folder didn't have a whole lot of files, but most of them were larger than 6GB - and no matter the folder when I browsed them Explorer hung.
    (If i moved the files less than 6GB into a different subfolder - no issues).

    Anyway - turns out Jumbo Frames stopped working. Was configured on switchport and adapter and was working fine before a recent round of Microsoft updates - but disabling it on the adapter resolved the issue.
    Turned everything else back on (IPv6, recent drivers, etc.) - and no issues.

    So as it now stands - there is definitely something with how Windows 10 processes jumbo frames and the NAS. Disabling it on the adapter resolved the issue. Hope that helps someone.

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