Motherboard comes with P3.10 Bios Installed Windows 10 1903 3-5min and GPU driver crash Upgraded bios to P3.20 Installed New Windows 10 1903 - Crashes Installed new Windows 10 19H1 - Crashes
trying to install new 19.10.2, 19.10.1, 19.9.3, 19.9.2, 19.9.1 etc driver version
This not give anything
GTA V - err_gfx_d3d_init Spintires - Crashes Frostpunk crashes
Event log says "Display driver AMDKMDAP stopped responding and has successfully recovered"
But AIDA64 Test not crush it FurMark not crush it...
Memory Tested, no errors at all. Help

P.S. With beta Bios 3.70 on JZelectronic - Shop - JZelectronic - Shop - system got new error (Thread Stuck In Device Driver) no Any help.