Hello everyone!
I am trying to run 4 gpu's on the ASRock TRX40 Creator motherboard but am having difficulty getting it to post. I am going into the 3D rendering business and I recently bought 2 2080ti's but was having trouble setting it up. I previously had 2 2080ti's running and upgraded to 4 a few days ago. When I installed all 4 GPU's, the top card did not turn on but the other three did. When I tried turning it on, it didn't post. I individually tested each GPU and can confirm they all work and are not dead. Are there settings in the BIOS I must change to allow all 4 PCIE slots to work or do I just install all 4 and it should work automatically? I'm really stuck and would greatly appreciate any help I can get!

My build:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3960x
MOBO: ASRock TRX40 Creator
GPU: x4 ASUS ROG STRIX 2080 ti
RAM: x4 16GB G.SKILL 3600
Storage: 3tb SSD nvme
PSU: EVGA G2 Titanium 1600W