during last weekend, after quite few years of continuous usage, my home NAS based on the MB Q1900-ITX just died.

At first I tried to reboot the system but the NAS would not power on (the PSU's fan tried to spin up for a couple of seconds and then died off). The speaker connected to the MB do not produce any sound during the 1/2 seconds of power on.

Since no signs of life has been spotted I tried the following actions one at time, and as you may imagine without any luck:

- Visually inspected the MB, no signs of burn out or excessive heat, deformations or physical damages;
- Changed the BIOS battery, two times;
- Swapped the PSU with another one (same exact model);
- Changed the power button, two times;
- Taken out ram and carefully reset in place;
- Checked the connections to HDDs (both SATA and power)
- Reset the BIOS on pin 2-3 (without battery)

No action yielded positive results. The motherboard is just able to power on the PSU's fan for 1/2 seconds and then everything goes silent. After few seconds , autonomously, the fan start again spinning for 1/2 seconds and then stops (and the cycle get back).

Do you have any idea if the MB is just dead or is there anything I con do to reset it to normal functionality?