Ok, I'd think about two monitors if your going to do any serious gaming. If you have the cash, go with three. You don't want to have a line running down the middle of your field of view do you!!. As for memory, save some coina nd go with the Corsiar Vengence. Same performance, cheaper price. As for the GPU, the two 680s will be awesome. I'd also think about the Corsair H100 water cooling system. Rated as "Kick ASS" by MAximum PC.

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Thank you for your input. I am planning to run 2 monitors whether I have one video card or 2, and it would be kind of nice to have HDMI for both, but that is definitely a place I would agree could save me some money. If I were to only run a single video card, would you suggest maybe going with a GTX 680 instead, or is the 670 better bang for my buck?

I am also still unsure of the RAM I want but will now admit that $500 for a kit is less intelligent. I'm looking into the 16GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 1866. What would be the advantages of going with the Samsung Green over these?