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Thread: install windows 7

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    Smile install windows 7

    Asus P5N-D Windows 7 Ultra 64 bits, GTX 570, 4 Gb ram, intel [email protected] I have run this for many years now. got slow and would not post right. I ran the repair and it would start, next time go through the same thing, so I formatted the disc and reinstalled. Same thing, it will not start with out the install disc. I must be over looking something. I have not tried to flash the bios. Looks like it may be a lot to do this. I have not had any trouble with this Mb before, I have 2 of them and like this setup. I play Everquest II most of the time.

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    Default Re: install windows 7

    perhaps you haven't changed the boot priorities back the the hard drive?

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    If you have the BIOS version 1401, I would clear CMOS, set the BIOS to default, reboot, default, reboot into BIOS, set boot order, drive order, and any other settings you use,CPU memory, You shouldn't do any OC until system is installed.

    You can either set the ROM to first boot, or force boot with boot order, set drive for OS to primary, for force booting, could be F8, F11, not sure with your board, but you see it at post.

    When you want a clean install, you erase the drive, you don't format from NTFS to NTFS to clean a drive, if its a HDD get the tool from the drive MFG or hirens boot disk, has a lot of erasing tools.

    SSD, secure erase it and don't format. If you still have a problem, there is some setting in the BIOS that is the problem, if you know the disk in in good shape and the CD/DVD ROM is ok.

    I have seen this problem several times with all different boards, sorry I'm old and can't remember all the weird settings in the BIOS I changed to get the system to boot to the OS.

    Wash the disk with soap an water, buff it dry. Hope it works out.
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