I did a clean install of Win 7 Pro. I have been unable to get it to use an UEFI boot.

From the documentation I also understand that given a blank hard disk, the installation should create the 100MB partition I haveseen before and maybe an extra for UEFI. None of those have appeared. On the new drive/install I have only one partition.

My next step is to install Win 8 before I begin reinstalling all of my aapplications that I can. And fixing windows defaults to less annoying behaviour. I am already having issues with trying to manage Win 7. For whatever reason, it really does not seem to match what I think I started with when I installed Win 7. But it has been a while and my brain continues to move toward being a bucket of sludge.

Any help on the first two paragraphs? My wife would like to see me outside my office sometime this summer. And I still have to update her (PC) drivers when my machine is stable.